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Bank of America Donates $1 to Wounded Soldiers for Each Uploaded Picture, Message

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Let us start by saying that we are completely blown away by the tremendous generosity Bank of America has shown with this 6 month long, $1,000,000 campaign. To date, this one million dollar plege is the largest we've seen - by a factor of two!

This campaign doesn't even require you to have a Facebook or Twitter account, which may be refreshing for some users. Instead, for every single message, photo, or video you upload using the link to the right, Bank of America will donate $1, up to $1,000,000. This donation to WWP helps thousands of Wounded Warriors - and their families - as they return home from the current conflicts. Donation options include one-time gifts, the Advance Guard Monthly Giving Program, and more.

Spotlight: The Wounded Warrior Project

How Your Donation is Spent:

Program: 55%
Fundraising: 37%
This charity spends only 8% on administrative expenses, but has high fundraising costs. Campaigns like this one help them raise funds from corporates at little or no expense, alleviating this issue.

Annual Revenue (2011): $74,058,348

  Accountability & Transparency
  Financial Performance
   Donor Privacy may be a minor issue
   All other criteria and checks have been satisfied

The WWP's mission is simple: To foster the most successful, well-adjusted generation of wounded service members in the nation's history. Since 2003, they've served over 35,000 wounded soldiers and over 4,000 family members, with diverse projects such as:

  • Combat Stress & Recovery
  • Family Support
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Transition Training
  • Job Placement
  • and much, much more

As you can see to the right, WWP is a respected and trustworthy organization. The only reasons for their overall ranking of 3 stars (out of 4) are their high fundraising costs and some minor concerns about donor privary. At Zadaqa, we believe that the solution to high fundraising costs is to help worthwhile nonprofits like WWP build strong, lasting, and mutually-beneficial partnerships. This way, nonprofits can rely on a steady (and, as the size of this campaign proves, very respectable) stream of donations, instead of costly and labor-intensive fundraising activities. This is where Bank of America comes in.

A wonderful "Thank You" submitted by Brie

Over the last 3 years, Bank of America has strengthened their foundation, and now has a record level of capital and liquidity. They've put behind them many of the issues that caused the economic downturn and were obscuring the promise and potential of their company. They've narrowed their focus and renewed their commitment to serving people, companies, and investors.

They've also renewed their commitment to society as a whole. They have a large number of programs benefitting the Arts & Culture, Responsible Business, Economic Development, Environmental Sustainability, and much more. We highly recommend you check out their page entitled "Who We Are."

Founded in 1784, Bank of America predates the U.S. Constitution. They're a large and diverse corporation that has helped shepherd Americans and America through the industrial revolution, the digital age, and more. As a company, their mission is to make the financial lives of their clientele better.

Moving words from Nancy
We hope you'll join us in encouraging Bank of America to continue these types of efforts. It's only by seeing positive response from consumers like you that they will begin to shift more and more of their considerable marketing dollars into Cause Marketing, so that we can help important organizations like the Wounded Warriors Project spend more money on helping those in need and less on sustaining themselves!

No updates yet. Check back soon for photos, statements, and progress reports from the ground!
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